Exclusive interview with Japanese webcam model Ariko

Today at our residence we are interviewing one of the most popular Japanese webcam girls out there. She is special! Meet Ariko! Naughty 27 years old Japanese chick. She is unique and her experience is amazing. She no longer works on any platform and uses Skype for shows with her trusted and long-time fans. It’s possible if you have a fan base who will follow you from platform to platform. So, let’s begin our interview.


When Ariko started working in adult cams industry

Actually, I can’t recall exactly but I started to look seriously to this industry about 4 years ago. My first information about that was while I was traveling with my girlfriends in Europe. There was a party and our friends had a male escort hired to entertain us. After that, just out of curiosity, I went online to investigate of what is that thing – escorting. I found out that there are not a lot of sites who advertise such services. So I and my partner Ayumi built one who covered 49 countries and was translated to 28 different languages. That was kind of our intro in to what we do today – we became cam models. At first we started to perform at FullOfGirls.com, we were together in most live shows but later on, we came to conclusion that it’s best to perform solo. That way we made way more money. Right now I’m almost out of camming and just helping other girls to enter the industry.

Tell us some more about yourself

As most Japanese girls I cam from strict and reserved background. In early years I was like that I should become a mom, and my family just told that I need to study and get wired in life. But I was not feeling good by doing all that and decided that I need to change things. Actually, the main thing that pushed me towards camming was that I saw many other girls making pretty decent living from going online and performing nude shows. Of course, this part of my life is a secret to most of my family, but this life is so exciting as I’m able to work from home with free schedule and travel the world whenever I want.

How was your first day on cam

Oh, it was kind of strange. As far as I remember, I and my girlfriend were drunk as hell in a hotel room. We were just laughing and having fun on cam. That night I think we made $10 ha-ha.

What you can tell about people in live cam industry

Like in every other business, I met all kinds of people. Some stole my earned money and others were nice and kind, gave golden advices on how to make more on live cams and so on. My lovely and most respected people are Ron and Thomas from jasnm.org. I was lucky to meet them and we still are good friends till this day.

Is there anything you hate about cams?

I think that there are way more pros and cons. First of all, I love that I can work without getting out of the house, even I don’t have to leave my bed to perform on cam. As I love travel and it became an important part of my current lifestyle. What I hate is that I can’t stand people who are doing live sex shows badly. I don’t want to offend anyone, but every girl before going to work on cam should at least gather information on how to do it. It’s like in every aspect in life, you have to want to get better. It’s sad to see pretty decent looking webcam models doing it for years and still doing it wrong way.

What’s your Niche?

As I’m a Japanese girl, it’s already a niche. As you know most of the sites have Asian category and it’s pretty popular among members. Of course, we know SakuraLive.com as the top notch cam site with only Japanese models. My secret is that I make effort all the time I’m live.

Ariko lips

Did you changed as a person by becoming webcam girl?

Not quite sure about that. One thing I want to state is that it made me think wider. Pushed me to be more ambitious and build bigger plans and added courage to go for it. There was ups and downs, but everything turned out to be OK at the end. No matter what I look at things positively.

Your advice to webcam models who are just starting

The most important thing is your health, so always take of it first. Taking care of your body is the way to go. Use shower as often as you can, have eye drops at a reach of a hand, because looking at the screen most of the day is going to hurt your eyes, they get tired. Sanitizing sex toys is also important. Setup your workings space to be as comfortable as possible for you. If you are feeling tired, don’t work. Because this won’t help to make more money. People can spot if you are not there or are tired. Don’t always do what people want, if your body tells you stop, listen. Rest well and don’t push it hard.

Ariko live webcam show

We hope you liked this interview. In the future we plan to do more of these.