Picking a girl in Thailand

thai-escort-girlVery many people from visitors to Thailand want to plunge at once into debauchery according to the full program.

Especially, not for nothing is the capital of sex tourism. Many guys quite timid and do not even know how to approach the girl.

I will tell at once — first “approach” I did not one, and with the companion. The reason was not in shyness, and that I very much
badly knew English if to be more truthful – I did not know it at all.

One more not an opportunity — I in Ukraine never in
did not pay the life for sex therefore it was very difficult to provide everything. Already then I freely approached little girls and was interested in “payment policy”.

The first question which arises in Thailand — where to look for little girls? do not worry, they will find you))

The first acquaintance already took place at the airport of Bangkok — to us with the companion two little girls with explicit intention clung
will get acquainted) We well broke off them — as it appeared — to us not on the way, to them to Bangkok.

At the second independent arrival in 7-leven I went to buy a card of the mobile operator TRUE — the cashier,
the girl of years 19 at delivery and activation of number wrote down my number and to me then called.

So we will assume that you were not strongly lucky with appearance and age. Where to go and where to look for carrots? How to remove?
— I advise the first to begin with popular locations.
Here the person completely passed its (beach road) from beginning to end.

The matter is that exactly there it is possible to consider girls and to choose to itself the option suitable by the form. In Go-Go bars it is very often very dark + at once disappear on money — the lady drinks and so on.
On the streets everything is much simpler.

Very often ask — how many that costs pleasure?

As a rule, the price depends on a high-low season, beauty youth of the girl + sex time — on shorts or Long a time.
Ours always sex call “boom boom” though as it appeared, only webcam sex absolutely on another.

Thai Girls
Thai Girls

At once it would be desirable to explain value of shorts and Long a time.
Shorts a time — short time. As a rule, girls understand as it “once”. Some on another — 1 hour. That was not
misunderstanding — at once specify that the girl has to a look.

Long a time — it when the girl it is necessary to spend the night with you till the morning. Very often some girls right there add — 1 time in the evening

Therefore — besides, agree on site, do not hesitate to ask it. So, to business.

Walking across and examine the girls standing on a roadside.