What it takes to model in Japan

hot Japanese model

As many know, Tokyo – one of the most favorite model markets for the majority of the models which were advanced to work at Asia. Excellent earnings, abundance of fashion brands and caring attitude of bookers and clients literally win the hearts of models.

Here is the interview with professional model scout who works in Japan.

Alan worked 8 years the chief booker in one of the most successful model agencies in Tokyo – Cinq Deux Un. Now Alan moved to California where she works hard as the scout director much traveling all over the world and helping models to achieve them the objectives.

Alan in detail told about model work in Tokyo.

What parameters are necessary for work on the Japanese model market?

In the model world of the requirement to models depend on the country to which the model goes under the contract. Models which growth is lower than what is required in the model agencies of the USA or Europe can work at the Japanese market.

In Japan girls of 170 cm in height can work if they have good parameters and the model person.

The Cinq Deux Un agency needs many different types therefore they do not look for something certain. The main thing for them – the general image of model including fine skin and a charming smile.

If the agency made out the potential, what further steps to models?

The model has to gain certain experience before going under the contract to Tokyo. Not necessarily on big markets, though somewhere. Some models are getting experience online and become a webcam girl at well known live streaming platform Jasminlive. It is good to be trained in posing, corners and expressions. And it is even better – if the model has test pictures.

Whether some guarantees are offered?

When the Cinq Deux Un agency accepts foreign models, it guarantees a covering of all expenses. Most the Asian agencies do the same, to attract models with the European appearance which is so demanded on Asian model markets.

All expenses on flight and residence in Japan, including tickets, composition and placement in apartments are covered.

If the agency approved you on the contract – means, it is almost sure that your earnings will cover all these expenses. But even if you did not manage to earn (you “suffered a loss”) – you will not need to cover these expenses.

Covering of expenses – a commonplace for models without experience.

And here if the model in a portfolio has cuttings from good magazines and also experience in Paris or Milan – the Cinq Deux Un agency also gives a guarantee of what sum the model will earn for the two-month contract. Usually it is the sum between $20,000 – $30,000 and more. For top – from $150,000 how model work in Japan is paid?

In the USA, work of commercial models is paid on an hourly or daily basis. In Japan the situation is similar.

Every time clients report to the model agency the budget for this or that work (shooting, so far). Then the agency tells the client what expects the payment sum. Bookers bargain with clients and usually quote the price in 2-4 hours of journal, catalog, advertising or linen shooting.

As for the commission, the international model agencies appoint a little bigger percent because they do for models more: make out working visas, provide the driver for movement, provide apartments, etc. In the Cinq Deux Un agency the agency fee makes 40%, they pay another 10% to the parent agency of model. Other sum is paid to model in the last day of the contract.

Actually, clients can pay the agency with a delay to three months, but the full sum is anyway paid to model.

What is the minimum age?

If the model is rather professional, then 14-15 years – quite normal age. The model agencies cover the cost of tickets only for the model, but with minor models often, at own expense, there comes parents to take care of the model. Some details remain for all term of the contract, others – for few weeks. It depends on different factors.

How does the typical working day of model in Japan look?

Before evening departure home, models receive the schedule next day. Every day all differently.

Sometimes it is three model casting, sometimes – ten, sometimes is a shooting which will begin at 10 in the morning and will end at 10 in the evening. Studio shootings last usually 4-8 hours, but if shootings happen on a location outside Tokyo – it can take the whole day, or even two.

What happens upon termination of the contract?

When the model fulfilled in Tokyo 2 months, its beech is full of professional pictures, including cuttings from magazines. Now she can work anywhere. With good history it is much simpler to get a job working visas to other countries. Often models go to Paris, Milan, New York. But many going to work in Tokyo on 2-3 times a year. Some do it within 10-15 years!

Whether there is an opportunity to travel across Japan?

Casting and listenings usually are not carried out at the weekend therefore yes – for models time suffices to do a bit of traveling across Japan.

Whether the language barrier is a problem?

In Cinq Deux Un the large number of models which do not even speak English works. The first few weeks it can be difficult, but at professionals of the model industry it turns out to communicate with any model, irrespective of its language.

To receive the contract in the good agency of Japan or other country – try to set up cooperation with the good model agency on the homeland. It’s important to pick an agency with reputation. The best way to find out is by asking girls who already do modeling and are pretty successful.